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Be your best at work by learning how to minimise the strain of office life on your back

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Back Pain & Exercise

Motion is Lotion! 

Don't let back ache stop you from getting your endorphine hit.  

Learn do's & don'ts about working out and your back

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When back pain has long outstayed its welcome and impacted on your life, it's time to learn how to regain control of your back & your body

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Consultation, Assessment, Diagnosis & Movement Plans

Hedd Piper BSc DC MRCC is a chiropractor based in Mid Wales in the UK.

By listening to your unique story and assessing your needs when it comes to how pain is affecting you the most he can recommend evidence based solutions for your back pain.

"The advice and support in changing my understanding of the cause of my pain, and the strategies to reduce the pain once I had that understanding, have given me the confidence to completely overcome it, and (to date) the issue has completely receded. Thanks!" R, Aberystwyth.

"Each experience helped me to manage my pain which had become limiting. I enjoyed the whole person approach taken and rapidly changed some of my routines and thinking patterns"  J, Ceredigion