The Back in Control Programme

Learn How To Look After Your Back

Living your life with back pain is miserable.

Not knowing what you should or shouldn't for the best is confusing.

Thinking you might damage your back by moving is scary.

The Back in Control programme is designed for you to understand your pain and your body differently so that you can make new plans to get back to the life you love.

You will be guided through all the knowledge, movements, exercises and techniques you need to be able to work on reducing your pain and eventually overcoming the problem.

Over the course of just a few weeks you will be able to realise that back pain is not a life sentence. 

The programme is run in two different formats to suit you:

A whole day workshop 

We begin the day with some short seminars to help you understand a little about why we get pain, followed by an afternoon of movement and exercise sessions with ample opportunity to ask questions.

It will be fun, informative and interactive (you are encouraged to be as involved as possible, but don't worry if you don't like this idea - you are welcome to keep yourself to yourself if you'd prefer).

You will learn:

  • Why our bodies produce pain to protect us

  • Why pain does not indicate damage

  • Why pain is always normal, natural and real and never ‘in your head’

  • How our thoughts and feelings influence our pain

  • The exercises and techniques you need to calm pain down

  • How to effectively pace yourself and get back to the things in life you love

  • How to deal with flare-ups


You will leave the day with some new knowledge and techniques that you can put to use straight away.

I also hope that you leave the day with a renewed optimism that you could get back to the things in life that you love the most and have been missing out on. £95 per person*.  Limited to groups of 6**


Weekly 'bite-sized' groups sessions


All of the workshop content is broken down into 2 hour sessions with exercises to be done in between, giving you time to digest and think - which can be really useful.  £195 per person*.  Limited to groups of 6**

*If you would like to book Hedd to deliver these sessions to a workplace, a club, society or even just a group of friends then your place on the programme is free of charge.  All you need to do is find the 5 other people who want to take part!

**Groups size can be bigger if booking Hedd to come to a venue with enough space for more people.