Shoulder Massage

Online Booking

If you are looking to start treatment with Hedd, please register as a 'new patient' via the booking site and then select the 'Initial Assessment Part 1' to book your initial phone consultation.  We will then contact you beforehand to take a few details.

If you are an existing patient of ours looking to book a chiropractic visit please give us a call first to check that this is the correct appointment for you (If it has been a while since we've seen you we may need a longer reassessment visit for example).


If you are looking to book massage and have been before, your details are there for you to access, so register yourself as an 'existing patient'.  As of November 2020 we are excited to announce our new massage therapist, Ms Ronnie Mowatt.  Ronnie is  a hugely experienced practitioner who has recently moved to the area. 

Either way - If you haven't visited us before then please register yourself as a 'new patient'.

Have your payment details at the ready - to confirm your appointment the portal will ask you to pay for massage or treatment sessions.  The initial phone call with Hedd is free.

Click HERE to go to the booking site