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Getting Going Again During COVID-19

Welcome Back!

Hi - welcome back to Clinig Corff Ystwyth!

Chiropractic treatments are ongoing and you can book by giving us a call (01970 611190), sending an email or registering on our online booking system.  

If it has been a while since you've been in, please email us first - it may be that we need to arrange a longer appointment to reassess you.

Massage appointments are also now available - again you can book to see Ronnie (Ms Veronica Mowatt) in the same way as above.

The fees for treatment are:


Regular Chiropractic Follow-Up Appointment: £40

Reassessment after break of up to 3 years/New problem: £50

Consultation & Examination of break of 3-5 years (2 x 30 minute appointments): £85

Reassessment after 5+ years: Processed as a new patient


30 Minutes: £30

45 Minutes: £40

1 Hour: £50


Our COVID-19 policy includes that Hedd and Ronnie will be wearing appropriate, full PPE during your visit.  You must wear a mask to your appointment.  We have hand sanitiser for you at the front door and will take your temperature on your way in.  We do not have the waiting area or toilets available and the front door remains closed in between patient visits.