Exercise Related Pain

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Knowledge is Power

Motion is Lotion

Don't let your spine hold you back!

Work one-to-one with an experienced clinician to find out what you can start doing straight away to get back in control of your back & body

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"I exercise a least once a day and regularly participate in running races and triathlons. The excellent service that Hedd provides has enabled me to avoid serious injury for several years. The expert advice which he offers give me the confidence to exercise regularly, this has been central to a lasting sense of physical and mental well-being. I couldn’t recommend the service he provides highly enough”​ Mark, Aberystwyth

One of the best things for back pain (and general health of course) is regular exercise.

One of the first things to be affected by having a troublesome back is...exercise!

There's so much confusing advice out there about how to avoid back injuries when exercising and what might be the best exercise to do when you have pain.  Some information out there is very unhelpful and sometimes scary.

We can assess:

  • What has led you to be struggling with back pain

  • What have you been trying to help your recovery - and what hasn't worked!

  • What you believe is causing your pain

  • What is motivating you to get back to exercise - fitness, mental well-being, social, appearance?

By learning the two key phases in recovery (calm it down before buidling it up) we can gradually get you moving again, feeling strong and back to what you love.

All aspects of your recovery will be addressed and all assessments include a consideration as to whether you may be in need of medical attention for the problem that you are experiencing.  This is very rare, but you will benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that you have a problem that can be overcome with Chiropractic & Pain Recovery Coaching.

Introductory Chat

So that we can get an idea of where you are with your problem and what goals you would like to work towards we start with a free chat with Hedd.  This can be done over the phone, by Skype or Teams.

Leading up to your introductory appointment you will receive some online forms to complete via Care Response.

You can arrange your introductory chat by giving us a call on 01970 611190 or by registering on the online booking site here.

Full Consultation

Due to the current restrictions placed on us due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have had to slightly modify our procedure when taking on new patients. 


Following your phone call we will schedule a 30 minute appointment at the clinic where you will be examined using medical, orthopaedic and movement tests.  If there seems to be the need to refer you to your GP for further tests this should be discussed at this visit.

We will also schedule the second half of this consultation, which must take place on a different day.

During this second visit, the findings of the examination will be reported to you and a plan of care outlined.  If the problem you have seems amenable to care, then treatment will probably begin on this visit.

The cost of the initial two consultation visits is a total of £85.00.

Follow Up

Your response to the recommendations and treatment will be followed up within the first week.

Most cases of simple back and neck pain (simple meaning there doesn't seem to be an underlying cause) should respond over two to three weeks of care which typically consists of one or two visits a week.

If response to care has not been satisfactory after 1 month then we will schedule a review of your situation.

Going Forwards 


Once you feel like you are in control of the problem then we will naturally see you less and less.

The hope is that you reach a point whereby you feel strong enough not to need a scheduled appointment and can return as and when it may be needed.

Recent research (which you can read here) found that people who attended for chiropractic 'maintenance' care (typically seeing a chiropractor every other month or so)  reduced their time off work due to bothersome low back pain just by attending for check-ups and minor treatments.  This means it may be recommended to you to visit the clinic every so often, especially if the problem has been around for a long time.