New Patient Complete Package £199 - Consultation, Examination, Report & 3 Treatments

This fee includes:

  • Assessment of your health and lifestyle questionnaire.

  • Email communication leading up to your initial consultation.

  • Initial 30 minute consultation to explore how the pain affects you and what your recovery goals are.

  • Full 30 minute physical examination including medical, orthopaedic and neurological tests.

  • Email report of findings - an explanation of your problem and what to expect from a course of care.

  • Email support between visits - if you have questions or concerns get in touch and we will answer any queries.

  • Support materials - to help you feel fully in control of your problem we can send you multimedia resources to watch.  This can be YouTube clips, links to articles, downloadable workbooks, podcasts etc.

  • Q & A Report of Findings - an in-person explanation of your problem and what you can do about it.

  • First treatment / therapy - wherever appropriate some manual therapy can be included to help reduce your pain; guidance on the exercises you can do in between sessions to reduce pain and discomfort; general advice on what you can do to maximise your chance of recovery.

  • Follow up appointment 1 - monitor your progress following your first session of treatment / therapy, a re-examination of some of the findings, additional session of treatment / therapy; checking / changing exercises prescribed.

  • Follow up appointment 2 - as above as well as deciding on your next steps: are you on the road to recovery or do we need to arrange some more sessions?

  • Professional correspondance with another health care provider in instances where it is necessary to refer you for further investigations if needded.

  • Registration and access to online booking system.

Returning Patient - Regular Visit £40

Once you have been through the initial process above, appointments can be booked individually on a needs basis.    It may also be apparent that we should continue with a series of appointments.  You can also book these via the diary.

Second Opinion - 90 Minute Online Case Review For Patients Who Do Not Attend Clinig Corff Ystwyth £149

A comprehensive online consultation for anyone who has become stuck with pain and is becoming lost in the maze of treatments, exercises, advice and/or self directed care.  The registration process is the same as a new patient but involves providing Hedd with case notes from any healthcare provider you may have seen/are seeing.  It may involve Hedd liasing with that provider before and after your session.  It is expected to inlcude an exchange of emails between you and Hedd leading up to the appointment to maximise your time together.  There may be some information emailed to you and / or the provider afterwards.  It is hoped that by the end of the session you have some new ideas and a new direction in which you can travel.  There is the option to contact us again for a follow-up, but it is hoped that this is a one off session.

Returning Patient 1 - 3 Years - Reassessment Visit £50

If there has been a gap in your attendance at the clinic it will be necessary to reasess your health, lifestyle and pain situation.  If it hasn't been too long since you had an appointment then we will send out a short questionnaire for you to fill in and it may be necessary to have a brief catch-up before you come in (via Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or by phone), hence the small surcharge.  If everything seems relatively straightforward your visit to the clinic should include the treatment / therapy that was effective for you in the past.

A reassessment session is also needed if you need help with a new complaint.

It may be that complex cases need to be processed from scratch and would be treated as a new patient.

In either case please register on our online system and email us to arrange an appointment.

Returning Patient 3 + Years

It's likely we will need to process you using the new patient procedures. 

Returning Patient - 7 + Years

This will be processed using the new patient procedure.