Above the Clouds

Hedd Piper BSc DC MRCC

New Patients

Introductory Chat

(Free phone / Zoom call)

You may not be sure if we can help with your problem - which is perfectly understandable.

Ask for this 10 minute chat and Hedd can give you an idea if he can help you before booking an appointment. Book Here

Full Initial Consultation £75

This visit is all about finding out as much as possible about your problem and making sure we can help you with it.

It will include an in-depth chat about your problem and a thorough physical examination.

Whenever possible a treatment will be added to this appointment as long as there is no clinical reason not to - and if time allows.

We ask that this appointment is paid for in advance to minimise the growing problem of no-shows.

Use our online booking site and receive a £5 discount on your New Patient fee, paying only £70

*A previous fee of £95 was a necessity over a period where COVID-19 restrictions reduced the capacity of the clinic.

Chiroplan - Maintain your improvements after your initial care

The clinic policy is to see you as little as possible, but as often as necessary to keep you going.

For many, this means occasional check-ups for peace of mind and some gentle treatment to keep you mobile.

A further benefit is should you need emergency or extra appointments you receive these appointments at the same rate.

Chiroplan Gold

1 x chiropractic treatment per month and extra appointments fixed at £36 per visit

£36 p/m

Chiroplan Silver

1 x chiropractic treatment every other month and extra appointments fixed at £38

£19 p/m

We will provide you with the details to set up a standing order.

Treatment Series
£360 for 10 treatments

The most comprehensive way to maximise your potential of overcoming back & neck pain.

This one-off payment covers 10 single chiropractic appointments, giving you a 10% saving*

These appointments will be scheduled frequently at the beginning of your care and need to be used within 6 months of beginning treatment.

*If a course of care must be stopped then you may receive the balance of what you have paid, deducting the 10% discount

5+ Years Since Last Visit

If 5 or more years has passed we will need to get an up to date picture of your general health as well as an up to date medical history, details of your pain and go through a physical examination.

For this reason it will be necessary to go through the same process as a new patient.

Single Appointment £40

A follow-up visit to continue care after your New Patient visit. 


These appointments are typically used if your problem seems uncomplicated and usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

Double Appointment £50


For patients who need some extra time to manage the problem more effectively.  These appointments usually last around 30 minutes.