Above the Clouds

Hedd Piper BSc DC MRCC

New Patient

Visit 1: Assessment, consultation & physical examination £45

Visit 2: Report of findings and treatment £50


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New Problem / 12-36 Months since last visit £65

To allow extra time to to take an up to date history and perform an examnation.

Single Chiropractic Appointment £40

A follow-up visit to continue care after your New Patient visit.

3+ Years Since Last Visit

If 3 or more years has passed we will need to get an up to date picture of your general health as well as an up to date medical history, details of your pain and go through a physical examination.

For this reason it will be necessary to go through the same process as a new patient:

Visit 1: Assessment, Consultation & physical examination £45

Visit 2: Report of findings & treatment £50

Double Appointment £50

For patients who need some extra time to manage the problem more effectively.

Package of 5 Appointments 
£185 (single appointments)  £250 (double appointments)

Following your New Patient visit you can commit to your progress by choosing to pay for some of your course of care in one go.