Getting Registered & Booking a Consultation
in 3 steps


1. Free Introduction

Give us a call on 01970 611190 to arrange your first introductory appointment.

We can arrange for this to be a phone call, a Zoom/Teams/Skype call or a face to face chat (Covid rules allowing).

Tell Hedd a little about the problem you are looking for help with and he will give you a preliminary idea of what to do next.

2. Free Assessment

Following your introductory chat we will suggest that you complete our comprehensive health questionnaire.

This can be sent to your email as an online form to complete or a paper copy which you can collect from the clinic or we can send it out to you to do at home.

Hedd will spend a little time going through this form to get a good idea of the nature of your problem.

Based on this we will be in touch to discuss  what is recommended that you could do next.

3. Get Back in Control with Pain Recovery Coaching & Self Management - Full Consulation

Hopefully we next arrange for you to start the process of getting you back to the things you love!

Your full consultation (£95) lasts around an hour and will include:

  • A full consultation to explain the history of your pain and how it behaves

  • A thorough examination using medical, orthopaedic, neurological & movement tests

  • A preliminary report of findings during the visit - understanding your pain and your options

  • An explanation of why you may need further tests, such as blood tests, if necessary

  • Help with referral back to your GP with a written report if needed

  • Help with finding the right health care professional or consultant if necessary

  • A referral to Cobalt Health for quick access MRI scanning and reporting if needed (additional cost payable directly to Cobalt)

  • Advice on how to reduce your pain throughout the day if it's found we can help you

  • Exercises that can reduce pain and increase movement if it's found we can help you

  • An opportunity to ask any questions you have about how to manage your pain most effectively if it's found we can help you

  • A discussion of the recommendations regarding your next visits to the clinic and a plan of action

You will now be ready to move towards overcoming your pain and making new plans.

The level of Hedd's involvement in your recovery is going to depend on a few things.  

It may be that you just need the reassurance of a thorough consultation and maybe a couple of follow-up emails or phone calls (included in the price).

It's not unusual to need a couple of follow-up appointments to see if progress is as expected (£50 per session).

In cases when your pain has been around a long time it's likely we'll need to address a few factors over a few weeks or even months.

We may need to work on:

  • Unhelpful habits which aggravate your pain

  • Unhelpful beliefs about your body - you're probably stronger than you think

  • Unhelpful advice or exercises that can be modified or abandoned

  • Stress management

  • Sleep

  • General healthy habits

  • The need to ask your GP for help on certain things

Hedd offers a more structured pain recovery programme for £335 which includes helping you with referrals to other health care professionals; email support in between visits; online resources delivered to your email inbox to help your understanding of your problem and 5 sessions of coaching.

You can discuss which type of approach seems best during your initial visit.

Call 01970 611190 to start.