Shoulder Massage

Sports Massage
Ronnie Mowatt

Massage can be a great way to help overcome aches, pains and stiffness related to overdoing things at work - or at play!

We see many runners and weekend warriors who enjoy deep tissue massage as part of their overall fitness regime.

It can also be very useful as part of a recovery programme to ease feelings of tension and stiffness following injury.

Ronnie is an experienced and popular therapist who joined our team in 2020.  She has an extensive background in the fitness industry, working as a gym instructor, personal trainer and class instructor.

30 minutes, £30.00

45 minutes £40.00

60 minutes £50.00

You can book these appointments using our online booking system by registering here or call us on 01970 611190


COVID-19 POLICY PLEASE READ:  Physical therapy necessitates close contact between you and our practitioners.  We have decided that to increase the safety of those of us providing close contact services that we will only offer in-person appointments to those who have taken their COVID-19 vaccines.  Please do not book an appointment if:

You are displaying any signs of COVID-19

You have not received at least one vaccination dose

We appreciate that you may have reasons that you are not able to receive the vaccine, however we will still not be able to provide you with an appointment.