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What you can expect

The results speak for themselves!

Sandy Beach

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Helping You Make An Informed Decision


We know that deciding who to see about back pain is difficult.  There is so much conflicting information out there that you may be unable to make the first step for fear of getting it wrong!


We also know that you'd like some reassurance that the time and money you invest with us will be worth it.

Whilst we won't make any grand claims, we are confident in sharing with you some of the tracking statistics we keep to monitor our outcomes.  This information comes from the Care Response software we use to measure patient progress.

This should give you a realistic idea of what you can expect from a course of care.

1. How Long Might This Take?

What we see in this graph reflects quite nicely what we understand on the whole about the course of back pain and how well it responds to care.  Whilst some improvement may be seen before the two week mark, it does seem to consistently take around that time to notice enough of a reduction in pain to feel confident that you have turned the corner.

What is also worth noticing is that the improvement should be sustainable - notice the continuing improvement towards the 90 day mark.

2. How Often Do I Have Appointments?



So, 7 seems to be the magic number!  


Again, we see a wide variety of responses to care, with an exceptional case appearing at the end of the chart there, but that sticking with a reasonable amount of appointments over a reasonable amount of time seems to be most beneficial. 

3. How Good?


OK, so you're all looking at the red wedge aren't you!?

Well, firstly - we can all do better and finding out where we can improve is a healthy thing.

Secondly - don't ignore the big chunks of blue and green!

This pie chart reflects questions that were asked not just relating to reduction in symptoms, but also the business as a whole - how well they were treated by all staff, waiting times, appointment availability etc. 

We're proud of this chart!

No treatment can guarantee results, and often the improvement is stop-start and with setbacks along the way.

What we can guarantee is by working with you closely we can do our very best to get you back to the things you love.