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Free evaluation

Register with us online and receive a comprehensive intake form to fill in at home.  Your health background and details about your painful complaint will be evaluated and advice on what to do next provided free of charge 

Physical Therapist


Full consultation & thorough examination

We begin with an online discussion about the problem via Zoom to get to the bottom of the problem and how it affects you.

Next, a thorough examination is scheduled so that we can understand the true cause of the problem - and what to do about it.

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Back in control!

A full report will be sent to you ahead of your first treatment session so that you understand as much as possible about your pain.

You will be shown how to feel in control of your body as we go through a series of appointments bespoke to you and your goals


I believe in being as thorough as possible with your health.

I believe in giving you the most realistic and accurate diagnosis of your problem.

I believe in collaborating with you in working towards overcoming pain.

I know that pain can be complex.

I know that there is a lot of confusion about what causes back pain and what is the best treatment for it.

I know that being in pain is not fun and can be scary.

That is why to maximise your chances of a good outcome I have developed the new patient complete package.  It's an antidote to the idea that there is a quick fix for spinal problems.

So that I can fully understand what may be behind your pain  we will go through:

  • A free initial evaluation.

  • A 30 minute Zoom call to discuss more fully what is going on.

  • A thorough in-person physical examination using medical, orthopaedic, neurological and movement tests.

  • A written report detailing what the examination found and what treatment should be beneficial.

  • An in-person discussion of the report before you begin treatment.

  • Email support in-between all visits so that you can ask anything you'd like about your problem and I'll do my best to answer in full.

  • Consideration and organisation of referral to your GP if necessary.

  • Referral for MRI, DEXA (bone density) scan if necessary.

  • Consideration and co-ordination of ordering blood tests and seeing a rheumatologist if necessary.

  • Ordering blood tests investigating vitamin D deficiency if appropriate (the test is an additional £29).

  • Online resources emailed to you to help you understand more about your pain.

  • Three additional appointments to include chiropractic treatment (if appropriate) to get the ball rolling and to see if there is the need to modify the treatment plan.

  • Easy access to our beautiful town centre clinic with free parking a stone's throw away.

  • Access to our online booking system so that you can book future appointments easily.

  • Referral to our in-house sports therapist for additional sessions of massage if felt it would be beneficial.

  • Ongoing reviews of your progress and an overall review if progress is not satisfactory.

  • A referral to another health care professional if it's felt we can't help you.

This complete package is available for £199