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Skype Consultations

Hedd offers remote (online) consultations as part of Pain Recovery Coaching.  There may be times when travelling to the clinic is inconvenient, or it may be that the discussion we have is as effective screen-to-screen as it would be face-to-face.  

These consultations are also ideal for when you have questions or concerns that can be addressed efficiently without the need to come in to the clinic in person.

These sessions are more suitable if you have at least been for your introduction and examination visits, but can be tailored if you are completely unable to attend the clinic.  

This is how it works:

Step 1) If you are new to us call the clinic and arrange a free introductory 15 minute phone call where you have the opportunity to describe a little about your problem and Hedd can advise you on the best way to proceed.  One of our receptionists can take your details.

Step 2) If you decide to go ahead and schedule a full consultation which lasts around an hour one of our receptionists will ask you to pay for the appointment to confirm it.  We can take this payment over the phone whilst you are on the call.  You can then arrange a day and time to book your online consultation.  Hedd will Skype you at this arranged time (as close to as possible).  If you do not answer the call we will try again for a reasonable amount of time.  

Step 3) The appointment is non-refundable if you cancel it on the day of the session or do not respond to the call.   Payment can be made over the phone, or by electronic bank transfer.  Sorry if this all sounds strict, but the offer of online consultations simply won’t work unless we put these rules in place.

Step 4) Prepare for your hour long consultation.  Set up your PC or laptop in a well lit, quiet room.  Make sure your internet connection is good!  This session is likely to involve talking, moving and following instructions on how do some relaxation techniques and gentle exercises – so wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Step 5) The next session will be agreed and arranged at the end of each consultation.  The follow up sessions are 30 minutes and cost £45.  Each follow-up should build on the one before and is an ideal opportunity for you to ask questions.

If you are already a patient at the clinic and would like to arrange a Skype call then call us and arrange it at the usual price that you normally pay for your visit.