Online Consultations

During this time where we are not permitted to consult with you in person we are only offering online consultations. 

This is how it works:

Step 1) Download and install the free (and free to use) Skype , Microsoft Teams or Zoom app.

Step 2) Call us on 01970 611190 to arrange an appointment:

  • A follow up assessment if you are an ongoing patient and would have had a check-up and adjustment scheduled.  15 minutes, £25

  • A follow-up consultation if you are an ongoing patient and we have sessions of CFT/Pain Ed. 30 minutes, £45

  • A reassesment if you have been to the clinic previously but didn't have a scheduled appointment:

Last visit within 1 year: 30 minutes, £50

Last visit more than 1 year ago: 60 minutes, £75 (plus new patient process of registering with Care Response firstly)

All appointments need to be paid for on booking with refunds only given if the appointment is cancelled with at least 24 hours notice.

Step 3) Prepare for your consultation.  Set up your PC or laptop in a well lit, quiet room.  Make sure your internet connection is good!  This session is likely to involve talking, moving and following instructions on how do some relaxation techniques and gentle exercises – so wear loose and comfortable clothing.

Step 4) We will discuss the next appoinmtment and can schedule it.