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Pain Recovery Coaching

Pain Recovery Coaching with Hedd Piper BSc DC MRCC

Pain Recovery Coaching is a person centred approach to attempting to solve the issues associated with ongoing pain. As a chiropractor I have seen the limitations of only using manual therapy and now appreciate that evidence and research tells us that pain which does not resolve within a normal period of time means that there are issues with what is known as an over-protective nervous system (watch the clip to understand more).











I use the approach of a Primary Spine Practitioner (although this is a qualification that is still unavailable in the UK), which is a comprehensive way of diagnosing spine related disorders and matching the correct diagnosis to the correct treatment. Along with the PSP method of diagnosing and treating, I also mainly use Cognitive Functional Therapy, which is a form of therapy which deals with how pain can force us into habits which ultimately become obstacles to recovery and by learning how to remove these habits we can overcome pain.  

My methods are informed by many types of therapy, all incorporated so that you can:

  • Understand why you developed pain that didn’t go away and know how normal that is.

  • Understand that pain needn’t be the fearsome catastrophe it may seem to be.

  • Understand that your pain is real and definitely not in your head.

  • Know that you can be helped to get back to the things in life that make you who you are.

  • Know what you can do straight away to overcome pain, and what things you may be doing that can now be stopped.

  • Know that things can change, but that change takes time and patience.

  • Know that you will be shown how to take care of yourself so that in the end you don’t rely on anyone else.

It is tempting to think that you can be ‘fixed’ by allowing someone to examine you and locate a faulty part of your back that will be treated and then remove your pain. Whilst some types of back and neck pain seem to respond well to manual therapy, cases where the pain has started to affect other parts of your life need a more comprehensive approach.

The process of recovering from ongoing pain begins by allowing you to explain, explore and expand upon your personal story of when your pain started and how it’s affected your life.  Following this we can look into how your body is working and find out simple reasons to explain why you remain stuck in a pain loop.  Current scientific understanding of ongoing pain suggests that the more you understand about pain, the less of a problem it can seem.  When this occurs it allows you to gain confidence in moving more, doing more, getting stronger and hurting less.  

I will provide you with as much guidance and coaching as you need to get your life back on track and provide the support you may need as you go along.  This will probably involve a course of sessions over a few weeks as we set up exercises (both physical and mental) and realistic, achievable goals. We are aiming to establish new, healthy habits that can have a lasting effect on your ability to better cope with and overcome pain.  This involves change and involves us working together.  Change may occur slowly and should need persistence and patience, but it can be exciting and enjoyable too.