For referring Health Care Professionals

Help for you - Help for your patients

Are you a busy clinician buzzing from patient to patient with a healthy case load, or perhaps a recent graduate building and refining your excellent technical skills?

Do you have those patients who don't seem to progress the way you anticipated?  They seem to respond well to treatment, but it just doesn't last no matter what you've tried?

Do you sometimes find it difficult to give some of your more complicated cases enough time to fully explore the issues they may be having with stress, anxiety and a lack of motivation?


Maybe you struggle to know what the best advice for these patients is?


You may even  get that feeling that you must have missed something. but you just don't know what that is.

Good news!  These are my favourite patients.  

How Does This Work?

I can offer my assistance in two ways.  I can consult remotely one-to-one with them or you can book me to come and run my one-day 'Back in Control' workshop at your clinic or a venue close to your clinic.  

For you patients who need one-to-one care the Skype option is preferred.  Most of the topics and exercises I prescribe can be effectively dealt with screen-to-screen and so it would not require any travelling for you or your patient. ​

I will be able to offer your patients plenty of time (first appointment is an hour, follow-ups are half an hour) to explore the wider aspects of things that may be contributing to their pain such as stress, anxiety, depression, sleep dysfunction, negative and catastrophic thoughts, poor self-efficacy and fear avoidance behaviours. 

What's different to what I already do with my patients?

I am a 2003 WIOC graduate and owner and director of my own clinic since graduating.  I have a particular interest in the management of persistent low back pain using what is broadly termed Pain Neuroscience Education, incorporating CBT, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Motivational Interviewing based skills.


If you are familiar with the work of Peter O’Sullivan, Adriaan Louw, Lorimer Moseley, David Butler, David Hanscom and Louis Gifford (amongst many others) then your methods probably already incorporate the approach that I use.  If these names are unfamiliar to you then I will be able to add a different dimension to the help your patient is receiving. 

By offering a different aspect of their care you may find that these patients start to respond so much better to your treatment plan.  Their sessions with me will complement the care you are providing them and not replace what you do.  You are welcome to be involved in these sessions if the patient would prefer you to.  You are welcome to contact me at any time to suggest a particular aspect of the patients care you would like me to address and we can be in contact if there is any issue I think you need to be aware of.  I envisage that your patient will need a handful of these remote sessions to cover a few areas that need addressing and these sessions can run alongside the visits to your clinic. 

To get started

I'm more than happy to have email contact with you if you would like to get as much information from me as possible before proceeding, or we can discuss over the phone 01970 611190.

Your patient is likely to want to know as much as possible about this before committing to anything and this is perfectly understandable.  You could direct them to this website or feel free to offer them a 15 minute ‘discovery’ chat over the phone or by Skype.  There is no charge for this appointment and it gives your patient an idea of who I am and what we might be doing in our sessions.  They may choose this isn’t for them, so this would be a good time for them to decide this!

With the patient’s permission you can then email me a report with as much detail as you feel is useful (ideally in the same style as you would be referring to a GP).  The patient can then contact us to schedule their appointment, providing us with their Skype details and email address so that we can send them some information about how to prepare for their sessions(s). 


The fees are:

£75 1 hour full initial consultation

£45 30 minute follow-up consultations

We ask that all chargeable sessions are paid in advance to avoid confusion.  The patient will pay us directly either over the phone or by BACS transfer.