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Learn How To Look After Your Back - One Day Seminar & Workshop


This whole day workshop is available to anyone who would like to arrange for Hedd to come to you to run this session to a small group, with a minimum requirment of attendees needed for a workshop to take place.  If you would like to make enquiries about hosting this event, please emal

Living with pain can be a lonely, confusing and frustrating experience. There's an overwhelming choice of treatments available to you - but how do you know which one will work?

Maybe you've found yourself in a routine of having regular treatments that seem to help at the time, but don't seem to be going anywhere.

Perhaps you've been told to 'live with the pain' and you've been given the most unhelpful and inaccurate diagnosis of them all, which is being told that "it's all in your head".

This one day event aims to guide you through the basics of how and why we develop pain and what science tells us we can do about it so that we may overcome it.

There will be some short seminars about understanding pain, followed by movement and exercise sessions with ample opportunity to ask questions.

It will be fun, informative and interactive (you are encouraged to be as involved as possible, but don't worry if you don't like this idea - you are welcome to keep yourself to yourself if you'd prefer).

You will learn:

  • Why our bodies produce pain to protect us

  • Why pain does not indicate damage

  • Why pain is always normal, natural and real and never ‘in your head’

  • How our thoughts and feelings influence our pain

  • The exercises and techniques you need to calm pain down

  • How to effectively pace yourself and get back to the things in life you love

  • How to deal with flare-ups

You will leave the day with some new knowledge and techniques that you can put to use straight away.

Stress, Anxiety & Pain - It's Not 'In Your Head'!









A free of charge one hour evening seminar to introduce you to the science behind how and why stress, anxiety and just having 'a lot on your plate' can lead to a troublesome back.

We will join the dots a little bit and help you feel confident that if you've ever been told that pain is 'in your head' that it is not true - your pain is 100% real.

This informative seminar will give you an insight into what science and research is telling us about the effect that being under pressure (including having a lot on your mind) can have physically.

It's not all doom & gloom though! Some ideas are also given about what we can do to get on top of these effects, and whilst there are no quick fixes, the solutions may be closer at hand than you think.

It will be a friendly and informal hour and is open to anyone who would like to come along and learn a little.

The event will be held in one of our consultation rooms, so numbers are limited.

To enquire about Hedd running this seminar for you please email

Seminars for Therapists

Hedd runs small group seminars on the subject of pain science.  The title of the seminar is


‘Why Does it Hurt? - Communicating to People in Pain'















This seminar is open to anyone who works with people in pain or works in a movement based speciality, such as Yoga or personal training. The seminars have been held at the clinic and are run every few months.  Hedd is also available to hold the seminar at your venue, workplace or clinic.

The day consists of a blend of interactive seminars and presentations along with workshop sessions.

By the end of the full seminar you will have some ideas and methods you can use straight away with the people that you see.


Topics covered include:

  • Why the biomedical model has failed people in pain

  • Where pain really comes from

  • A refresher in neurobiology

  • Understanding the role of the nervous system

  • How pain is weird

  • How the brain predicts pain

  • What not to say to people in pain

  • What doesn’t work for pain and why we should abandon it

  • Understanding how pain becomes persistent

  • How to explain pain to people in a way they can understand

  • Why understanding pain changes pain

  • Why movement is so important to people in pain

  • How to get people to move more and form healthy habits

To receive email notifications of when seminars are running, or to enquire about booking Hedd to speak please contact the clinic by email or call on 01970 611190

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