Here's how to get on board

1. Click here to register as a patient so that you can make your first appointment - a free initial consultation where Dr. Hedd Piper BSc DC MRCC  (Doctor of Chiropractic) can get an idea of what is going on with the problem you need help with.  If it sounds like you should see your GP before your visit this can be discussed.  If it is felt that we can help you, a visit to the clinic will be arranged during the call.   We will send you out some online forms to complete before this call takes place.


2. Your first full visit to the clinic will last around 30 minutes.  During this visit a physical examination will take place so that Hedd can gather as much information about the problem as possible in order to create a diagnosis.  If it seems that you have a problem that should respond to care at the clinic then your follow-up visit is arranged; the 'report of findings'.  

3. It is important that you understand why you have the problem, what has likely caused it and what can be done about it.  The first part of your follow up will cover this, using straight forward language and terms that you will understand - no jargon.  Following this report you will begin with the treatment/exercises/advice that should be the most effective to help you.  We will discuss how long it may take to notice progress and how often you might need to visit the clinic.  We will then arrange your next appointment.

Mobile Phone

Register your details and book an initial free phone consultation.  We will send out some online forms for you to complete.

Physical Therapist

Visit the clinic for a full examination and assessment of the painful problem.


Come back for you report of findings - find out why you have the problem, what you can do about it and how we can get you going again!