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Physical Therapist

What to Expect

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First Visit with Dr. Hedd Piper BSc DC MRCC (Doctor of Chiropractic)

A full discussion of your problem will reveal what type of care is best for you.  Sometimes this means referring you back to your GP for some tests.  We can also arrange private MRI scans if this is necessary.

Please bring:

  • A list of prescription medication you are taking

  • Copies of any MRI / X-ray reports (ask at your GP reception)

  • A copy of any recent blood tests (ask at your GP reception)

A thorough physical examination can reassure us that there is no underlying problem and give an idea of what treatment may be helpful for you.

There will be a brief explanation of the cause of your problem. If it seems that you are a good candidate for chiropractic treatment then this may take place at the end of this appointment (if time allows).

Allow 1h10mins (to include filling in paperwork) for this appointment £75

Course of Treatment

After your initial consultation, we will arrange a 'Report of Findings' session.  This take a little longer than a normal treatment visit, but is the same price.

At your Report of Findings, Hedd will explain in a little more depth the nature of your problem and the plan to tackle it.

It is common to need a course of treatments to feel sustainable improvement.   Treatments often take place three or four days apart for the first two or three weeks.

You should expect 4 treatments as a minimum to see signs of recovery.   

You may also benefit from sessions of massage during this time.

You may only need a thorough examination, some advice and reassurance that your pain will settle down without the need for many visits.


Your case will be reviewed after a few sessions (usually 6) and if progress is poor then changes can be made.

Individual follow-up visits are £40.

A course of 10 appointments is £360 to be used over 12 months.

Maintaining Improvement


You can enjoy peace of mind by having occasional check-ups to make sure your back as healthy as possible.


These check-ups may be monthly to every 6 months depending on your progress.

t 01970 611190


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