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Public Speaking
Hedd Piper BSc DC MRCC

Hedd offers online and in-person seminars, training and workshops with content aimed at educating as many people as possible about how to care for their backs.

Hedd has experience of conducting seminars to health care professionals, lecturing at the University of South Wales as well as presenting to local groups such as the Aberystwyth Rotary Club and various WI branches.

Hedd has also contributed on multiple occasions to BBC Radio Cymru

programmes such as 'Post Cyntaf', 'Bore Cothi' and 'Dros Ginio'.

Previous seminars:

  • Back Pain in The Workplace

  • The Basics of Pain: An Introduction to Pain Neuroscience

  • Stress & Pain: It's Not In Your Head

Seminars and workshops can be tailored to your time requirements, from hour long bite-size sessions to all-day training.

Content is delivered via presentations and practical interactive break-out sessions, designed to be highly informative, thought provoking, useful and fun.


To enquire about booking Hedd please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss how this can work for you.

01970 611190

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