Expert diagnosis, advice & recovery plans

Find out why your back hurts, what you can do about it - and get back to what you love!

Initial Chat

Click here to arrange a free chat so that I can listen to what's going on with your back.  We can discuss what is likely to be involved in your recovery plan

Full Assessment

Let's get to the bottom of your back pain with a thorough assessment of how well (or otherwise) your back works.  The movements and activities that hurt will be identified and  we will work on changing them to begin your road to recovery.

Action Plan

You will be in charge of your recovery plan.  Through understanding pain and knowing what really works (and doesn't!) you will feel more in control of your back & body,


This is not  about short term pain relief.  What you will learn through this process will be yours to use for ever - from the most effective exercises for you to the not so obvious things that cause back pain. 


About Me

Hedd Piper BSc DC MRCC

Family at a Beach

 "I've been in practice since 2003 and I'm passionate about understanding as much as I can about pain and how to help people with it.  

My aim is to create a partnership with you so that we can work towards goals in life that you perhaps thought had disappeared - which might be playing with the kids, exercising, working or whatever it is that makes you feel like your old self again."