Work Related Pain


Stay at Work

Return to Work

Be Your Best

Focus on your career, not your back!

Work one-to-one with an experienced clinician to find out what you can start doing straight away to get back in control of your back & body

Cheerful Business Meeting

Time missed from work due to back pain is a massive problem and is the leading cause of work related absence in Europe. 


If you are struggling to work because of a troublesome back then you are certainly not alone.​

It's confusing to know what to do for the best.  You have probably been given advice about how to sit and and how to set your workstation - but does any of it help?

We can go through a full discussion of what's going on with you, your back and your work.  

We will put together a plan to help you reduce your levels of pain and discomfort and make it easier for you to work at your best.


We will cover:

  • The story of when and how your pain developed

  • How it has affected your work

  • What your working environment is like and what alterations could be made?

  • What else may be contributing to a low back issue - such as stress, poor sleep, lack of exercise

  • Easy movements you can do during work to ease pain

All aspects of your recovery will be addressed and all assessments include a consideration as to whether you may be in need of medical attention for the problem that you are experiencing.  This is very rare, but you will benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that you have a problem that can be overcome with Pain Recovery Coaching.

Introductory Chat

So that we can get an idea of where you are with your problem and what goals you would like to work towards we start with a free chat with Hedd.  This can be done over the phone, by Skype or Teams.

After this we will forward you some online forms to fill in which will give Hedd a better idea of which type of care package may be most suitable for you.

Full Consultation

The first full appointment lasts around 60 minutes during which you and Hedd will discuss how your pain developed, what you believe is the cause of the problem and how it is affecting you daily.

A few movement assessments should help create an idea of what is affecting the way your back is working and then recommendations will be made about what you can change to begin overcoming the problem.  This appointment is £75.

Follow Up

Your response to the recommendations will be followed up within the first week.  This session lasts 30 minutes.  If the advice has been easy to follow and you have already noticed a difference then a further follow up may be two or three weeks later.  In cases where the problem fluctuates it may be that we schedule weekly sessions until there is a change.  These follow ups are £45.

Each case is considered individually, so it may be hard to give a truly accurate estimate of exactly how many sessions are needed, but each session will be geared to developing your knowledge, understanding and confidence.

If you would like a little more information we can send you a free download about Pain Recovery Coaching. Click Here